Rent 1 or 2 days
per week.

If you want to work only 1 or 2 days per week, this is for you! You can work as many hours as you like on your day(s). 

The fee per day for part-time salon space rental is $45. The days of the week available are first come first serve. You must provide proof of insurance and your state license, sign a 1 year contract, and pay a fully refundable security deposit of $100. But that's it!! You get to use your own products, charge your own fees, sell the products your clients love, and make lots of money! Storage space is available to keep tools and products that you don't want to drag back and forth. And you will be represented on our Facebook, Instagram, and Website. Also, there will never be more than one other person working in the same room as you.

Could it get any better?? YES! A 6 month lease is available for $50 per day if you aren't able to commit to a full year.

Don't let the fear of committing to renting a space hold you back.

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